Citizenship Classes at CMSA

Chicago Math and Science Academy (CMSA)

Chicago Math & Science Academy (CMSA) is partnering with Centro Romero to offer free citizenship classes.

Beginning April 1, 2014, CMSA will be offering free citizenship classes for parents and community members. These classes are being conducted by staff from Centro Romero. The classes are open to individuals who have at least 4 years of legal permanent residency.

South Neighborhood Association of West Rogers Park

The South Neighborhood Association of West Rogers Park, Beat 2413, is an alliance of individuals, block clubs and police officers. The association is your representative to the police and other community services and has regular CAPS, Community Policing problem-solving meetings each month (except December). They also, periodically, have Special Speakers talk about community and safety issues.

Win-Hood PSA - Smoking

We ask our smoking neighbors to be mindful when standing outside and not stand near open stairwells, entrances and windows. Drifting smoke can waft into an open window and affect residents, especially those that may be suffering from respiratory conditions. Also, please do not dispose of cigarette butts in the courtyard grounds or plant beds and pots. Let's keep our community beautiful!

New Neighbors and Current Listings

For the most up-to-date listing of available units and seller contact information, please contact Hallmark & Johnson at 773-545-6160. If you know someone that is looking for a new home, please tell them about Win-Hood. We try to let our residents know when new neighbors are joining our community. When you see our newest residents, say hello! Let’s make Win-Hood a great place to live!


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