Mario Tricoci Salon Opens on Misericordia Campus

Clippers, scissors and blow dryers in full force at the Day Makers, a new Tricoci salon, at Misericordia.

"Several months ago, Coleen Doherty came to us, Sister Rosemary, actually, and said she had this idea that we have so many services for our residents, how about a service that would really make them feel good, like getting their hair done?" said Father Jack Clair of Misericordia.

The Doherty family, longtime friends and partners with Misericordia, approached the Mario Tricoci Salon to bring this idea to life at Misericordia.

"So many of our residents cannot speak for themselves, so this involves taking the staff out and so this gives them opportunity for them to be right here and not interrupt their day too badly," Clair said.

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